Spy on Your Competitors

Lifetime access & updates to Freelancer Plan (includes bonus features)

  • See the ratio between boosted vs. non-boosted posts for competitors
  • View their historical post data & page evolution
  • Record competitor past social media efforts
  • Study the most active f& engaged fans for any Facebook page
  • Get multi-page comparison
  • Keep an eye on a competitor’s digital performance & audience growth
  • Correlate data w/ marketing actions
  • See when people comment on a page
  • Perform a gender analysis in comments & reactions
  • Save time & energy w/ white label reports
  • VIew Instagram profile growth over time
  • Learn how to optimize your content on Instagram
  • Monitor your competitors’ hashtags
  • Measure your Instagram efforts against your top competitors
  • Unlimited competitors’ Facebook pages
  • 6 Months of Historical Data
  • Own Facebook/Instagram pages monitoring
  • Competitors’ Twitter profiles monitoring
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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Lifetime Access to Freelancer Plan

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